What is Zcan Plus?

Increase your productivity and organization with Zcan Plus. Zcan Plus is THE must-have gadget for anyone with an iPad, MacBook, tablet or laptop. Imagine being able to easily back up your receipts, contracts, documents and photos anywhere, anytime. Zcan Plus is just as simple as painting as all you need to do is swipe back and forth! Plus, you can quickly edit in word or excel straight away.

And, one of the coolest things is that scanned information becomes searchable, meaning you can get rid of all your paper versions (did we mention eco-friendly too?!) and box files with backup copies – so no more digging through a ton of paper to find the right one.

Zcan Plus is the perfect 2-in-1 productivity booster that gives you the mobility needed to easily complete any job anytime.

Zcan Plus is a handy, user friendly and fully featured scanner mouse supporting 199 OCR languages. Just a few clicks, you can scan text, tables, pictures etc.. and paste scanned material to your documents or excel files in original format directly. You may also share these files on facebook, twitter instantly.


Instant text Scan any printed text and make it editable straight away on your document
Table to table Just scan the table and we will organize it into an excel format for you
Any language Breaking down the language barrier, we support 199 different OCR languages
Search by image Find information about a photo or logo with Google Image Search
Easy to share You can share any scan instantly through Facebook, Twitter or email
Click & Scan Just click the ZCAN+ button on top to start, swipe over what you need and press again to stop